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Cop Sees Boy Alone In Public With A Teddy Bear, Then Realizes He’s Trying To Sell It For Food

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When a little boy was found outside a CVS drugstore in Ohio, someone called the police. Officer Steven Dunham responded to the call. Officer Dunham from the Franklin Police Department, was heartbroken to learn that the boy was trying to sell his stuffed animal so he could buy some food. The seven-year-old boy told Dunham he hadn’t eaten in several days.

After taking the boy to Subway, they two went back to the police department and ate dinner together. When the police went to the boys home, the found out that he and his four brothers were living in a filthy home. The parents were charged with child endangerment by investigators. During an interview, Police Chief Whitman said that he hoped the actions of his officers would change the kids’ lives.

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All of the children are now with relatives. Their parents are not allowed to even talk to them. Share away, people.

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